What the Heck is going on?

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 is an upcoming third-person shooter and tower defense video game developed by PopCap Games and published by Electronic Arts. 


Dr Zomboss has finally won the ultimate clash of both Plants and Zombies with the Plants advanced. Now he has destroyed Suburbia and renamed it Zomburbia. Now the plants are on the attack and zombies on defence with 6 new Character classes.



Class Picture HP Damage Special
Foot Soldier 125 6-7 N/A
Super Commando 125 12-15 Shoots 4 Bullets super fast.
Centurion 125 3-10 Fire variant.
Scuba Soldier 125 20-49 Shoot Sonars that can track enemys.
Tank Commander 125 Has 1 bullet that does mass amounts of damage
Arctic Trooper 125 6-7 Ice Varient
Park Ranger N/A Toxic Varient
Camo Ranger 125 12-17 Possibly Powerful than all variants
General Supremo 125 1-4 Overheating Soldier. Infinite Bullets
Engineer Class Picture HP Damage Special
Engineer 125 10 Splash, 35 Crit N/A
Welder 125 10 regular.

25 Critical.

Fire Varient
Mechanic 125 6-7 Non-Splash damage.
Sanitation expert 125 10 regular.

40 Critical.

Toxic Variant
AC Perry 125 N/A Ice Variant
Roadie Z Engineer 150 9 Armoured Variant, Close Ranger
Electrician 125 TBA Power Variant
Plumber 125 25 Splash, 35 Crit N/A
Landscaper 125 10 splash, 35 Crit Fast shooting splash variant.
Scentist Class Picture HP Damage Special
Scienist 100 75 Crit N/A
Physicist 100 30-60 Power Variant
Marine Biologist 100 22-52 Fast-Shooting Overpowered Scientist
Dr. Toxic 100 N/A Toxic Variant
Zoologist 100 30 Fast-Shooting Variant, Replaced Dr Chester
Paleontologist 100 N/A Sniper Class
Astronaut 100 22 Main Sniper Class
Computer Scientist 100 N/A Legendary Ability: Crunch Mode: Fast and Dealing Damager
All-Star Class Picture Health Damage Special
All-Star 200 6-9 N/A
Baseball Star 200 7-10 Super-Fast Shooter
Cricket Star 200 Fire Variant
Rugby Star 200 Super Damager
Golf Star 200 Sniper class
Tennis Star 200 Fast moving All-Star
Moto-X-Star 200 Goops plants
Hockey Star 200 Vivid Shooter
Imp Class Picture Health Damage Special
Imp and Z-Mech 75 for Imp, 350 for Z-Mech N/A
Lil Drake and Drake Mech 75 for Imp, 400 for Drake Fire Variant, Mech is close range and New set of abilities
Z7 Imp and Z7 Mech 75 for Imp, 350 for Z7-Mech Special Class and New abilities for Mech
S.H.R.IMP and S.H.R.IMP Mech 75 for Imp, 350 for S.H.R.IMP Mech New set of abilities
Pylon Imp and Pylon Mech 75 for Imp, 350 for Pylon Mech. New set of abilities and Fast Mech
Superhero Class Picture Health Damage Special
Super Brainz 200 Damage Increases in punches and 3-4 Beam N/A
Electro Brainz 200 Damage Increases in punches and 3-4 Beam Electric Varient
Toxic Brainz 200 Damage Increases in punches and 3-4 Beam Toxic Variant, Legendary

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